Tried and tested solutions for industry..

Over the years our customers have come to expect the high standards we as a company deliver and we have become their first choice service provider with the ability to tailor their requirements to a solution that exceeds their expectations.

IT Services

With over 10 years experence in Customer Focused ICT solutions and services, our team are well placed to maintain your current and future ICT Estate whatever the size


Medical DI

Specialising in Medical DI (Diagnostic Imaging) film processing equiptment , we have been around since the early 90's supporting Scotland and Northern England's medical needs



FBE has the experience to assist a multitude of manufacturers in the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) sector. Currently, FBE is supporting systems in a wide variety of locations within the military, power generation and in the oil, gas, aviation and processing sectors. With years of experience, FBE fully understands the technical requirements and market expectations of industrial x-ray customers.